Supercut Carpet Pricing

As we control the entire process we can offer the best value for money.. Prices are Gst Inclusive and Free Freight Australia wide.


Standard Vehices 

Front & Rear                     $240.00

Front, Rear & Underlay    $275.00

Front or Rear Only            $200.00

Boot / Cargo Mat               $240.00




Non Standard Vehicles

Front & Rear                      $340.00

Front, Rear & Underlay     $375.00

Cargo / Boot Kits               $400.00


Carpet off the roll

Our carpet is 1 meter wide and you can have up to 50 meters in one piece. the price includes Gst and Freight is $25 for the first meter + $5 per meter thereafter Australia wide


Carpet per lineal 1.0m         $40.00



Once you have purchased your moulded car carpet, click here to download a copy of installation instructions.   



 Supercut carpet colours







       Front & Rear Moulded Carpet





  Moulded Boot Mat




   Unmoulded Cargo Mat



   Moulded Carpet Kit






Classic Car Mats

We also manufacture tailored to fit car mats to suit all models on our listing, from the same classic mouldable carpet, with pvc backing. All prices are Gst Inclusive and free freight Australia wide.


4pce Set                             $185.00

2pce Fronts                        $165.00